It's a 'Happier' Shade of a Vision...  

 because 'Happy DNA' is awaiting to be 'intrigued' in a lifestyle!

"The Art of Living a fascinating lifecycle starts from Art of Giving a chance to a vital self first, as a female creative being, on to Art of Giving back a pearl of wisdom to the world around us. "

~ Mahtab  Hariri

IY founder

Yellow- Life-Is-Our-Style

We are a 'slowly and steadily' growing, avant-garde , hands-on, creative Foundation, consisting of brilliant minds. We are willing to sit around a circle and 'give and share' balancing dialogues in women expressions, enlightenment , empowerment and engagements . We often ask: "how could things be better for female creatives of all backgrounds". Our road map is our independent, intuitive and insightful positive mindsets, who seek for 'happy' from self to society. We intrigue and 'design' fun novel and yet in depth initiatives to bring awareness, educate and build mentorship and scholarships for all generation creatives. We believe in making this world a better place by initiating  'happier' connections with our 'yellow hellos'!!

Intrigue Yellow®  


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