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Yellow World

 (...and the story is that Yellow is a Happy Shade of our Vision & our mission is to Intrigue all colors of a rainbow)


About Us

(... and in this world we build a lifestyle of Giving and Sharing From Self to Society)

We are 'Brilliant Minds' from different Generations, Trades & Ethnicities sitting around  a 'Circle of Happy Yellow Glow' . We choose to be resourceful & to rebalance world uncertainties, as if it were a lifestyle of a seamless growth . We start from Self to Society and not the other way around. We are a non-political , non-spiritual,  non-profit, tax deductible, innovative & modern foundation strategizing one-of-a-kind global initiatives for female creatives in arts and sciences. The Foundation is based in the heart of Chicago and was formed 'intuitively right', just six months before Pandemic 2020.

We are paradoxically avant-garde but practical, simple yet sophisticated and  metamorphosing 'slow and steady'. We want to own making a big impact with our wisdom not drama. We like to be focused yet remain broad & make sure no ones lights are dimmed due to politics or gender.

Expressions, Enlightenments , Empowerments and Engagements are committees formed to identify creative minds in our platform just to say the least and we make sure humility is our power. Our road maps are paved paths by our own efforts and awareness and building mentorships and scholarships. We initiate dialogues with a 'Good & Happy Yellow Hello' and leave it to each member of community to bond, believe and become a shinning star.  


The Art of Living a fascinating Happy lifecycle starts from Art of Giving a Chance to a vital self as intelligent & creative beings; on to Art of Giving Back a pearl of wisdom to the world around us.


Mahtab Hariri

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