Intriguers of 'Happy In YOU!'


Enhancing Women's Lives by Cultivating Their Creative

"The Art of Living a fascinating lifecycle starts from Art of Giving a chance to a vital self first, as a female creative being, on to Art of Giving back a pearl of wisdom to the world around us."

Mahtab Hariri


The Mission

"We are an Avant-garde , Innovative Foundation, as a Lifestyle Brand of  "Give & Share". Our mission is to captivate the goodness of global & diverse talents in arts and sciences. We cultivate "intriguingly bright" expressions, who are under-recognized in modern life. Our initiatives intend to enlighten, enrich and empower marginalized female creativities & curiosities. We believe in humility as a soft power for closing gaps in inclusivity and happiness.Our power is in our Intriguers of Good will. We trust curiosities will become our happiness once dialogues are connected in this overly connected, yet fragmented world." 

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