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'well & wise'
'happy' foundation


Cultivating Creativities with  'Huwomanitarian' twists

Like a Modern Day School of Life, Intrigue Yellow® inspires and educates towards optimism, by adding unique perspectives from Self to Surrounding to Society. More than ever, women around the world are in conflict with their nurturing creative nature & authentic identities and can benefit from unbiased resources and tools to live healthier and happier from heart and home.

 IntrigueYellow® is a start up non-profit Innovative Foundation and a Creative Firm, that together envision to elevate 'Well-being and Wise-living', as a Lifestyle Concept.


IY is inspired by ancient thoughts, which led to the first founding chapters of Human Rights. The 'Good & Happy' rooted philosophies had started by respecting earth alongside synchronizations with humankind connections, which slowly elevated to multicultural, diverse, and inclusive society models. 

Yellow, is the happier shade of our vision, and our mission is to intrigue your inner happy, because

Happy is In You.