Hub of Happier Shade of Wisdoms

The Intrigue Yellow®Foundation

The Intrigue Yellow Foundation is a non-political, non-spiritual 501(3)(c) registered, nonprofit, US registered foundation and  a volunteer based organization. We select unique initiatives that serve to enhance female creatives' lives in arts and sciences by bringing awareness and educating public and platforming independent talents who maybe otherwise marginalized due to gender or politics .  We focus on diverse inclusivity & team work to fundraise towards causes & growth in any area of creativity, that contributes to goodness of deeds, thoughts, words and actions.  We set committees consisting of invited successful entrepreneurs or public figures, alongside with our board directors to mentor and lead to cultivate, and build scholarships to support and platform growth of independent intelligences.


Creative Committees

Mahtab Hariri
Expressions Committee


Female Vocal Arts, as means of expressions is an ethical voice and a genuine verve, that is surprisingly banned in some parts of the world. Intrigue Yellow brings awareness and advocates independent vocalists through this subcommittee to become future artists, whose songs have the power of changing the world to a happier space to express. Members, mentors and patrons are invited to build a stronger community for this cause.

Enlightenment Committee


Dynamicists are "experts in chaos" & female scientist are particularly "superstars", who bring a process of change, growth & activity from busy home to society. Intrigue Yellow educates & inspires young girls to pursue science and supports women, who not honored enough due to gender or ethnicity. Members, mentors and patrons are invited to build a stronger community for this cause.

Empowerment Committee


This initiative is  an uncut bold stroke in wearable arts, that is yet to become inclusive & diverse to define unbiased beauty. Intrigue Yellow endorses & elevates women of fashion who are yet "under shadow" in order to become the protagonists  of their stories. Mentors and patrons are invited to join to build a stronger platform for young or independent designers. Members, mentors and patrons are invited to build a stronger community for this cause.

Engagement Committee


This initiative focuses on female creatives' most selfless and globally least appreciated 'softest' power from homes, which are the main force to any change in society . They set lifestyles as Mothers & Caregivers as their main focus and practice the closest wisdom to Mother Nature. These female queens at home are marginalized lifestylists but they remain the key influencers of society's health and intelligent wellbeing. This Heart-Mind-Body initiative focuses on bringing awareness to home health and personal health starting from home.