Intrigue Yellow

The Intrigue Yellow® Foundation was formed in 2019 in Chicago, just a few months before Pandemic 2020, by Mahtab Hariri Pharm.D, an academic pharmacist. 

She is an enthusiastic ' Global Culturist', as an immigrant woman from Iran, since left in the 1980 post-revolution from her homeland. 

Her general vision about a good life is not like prescribing medications to mask dis-eases but to remain curious and excited, willing to heal and revitalize all layers of life for one's self to others. By shedding light on under-recognized female identities, due to gender & ethnic biases, her mission is to model a thriving hub for an optimistic lifestyle, that unapologetically chooses to Live Happy with creativities in Arts and Sciences. 


The power of cultivating feminine creativities starts with The foundation's non-profit initial campaigns to bring awareness to Women in Voice, Women in Science, and Women in Fashion, whose messages in enriching human lives, are yet to become more global and equal. During the Pandemic in 2021, an 'Avant-Garde Women Empowerment' foundation, evolved into a Lifestyle Brand with a global 'Huwomanitarian' focus. The reboot from the Pandemic era recycled itself to an added Wellbeing platform closest to Dr. Mahtab's professional expertise and passion. 

The committee-based campaigns, such as 'Marginalized Life-stylists' intend to engage nurturers to 'Nourish Good and Ritualize Happy', as a daily tool and become a resource to maximize wellness, with deeper evidence and comprehensive knowledge. 


With its entrepreneurial and philanthropic essences, Intrigue Yellow® Brand envisions empowering women from the core and from home where the hearts grow.

The Art of Living a fascinating Happy lifecycle starts from the Art of Giving a Chance to a vital self as intelligent & creative beings; on to Art of Giving Back a pearl of wisdom to the world around us.

- Mahtab Hariri Pharm.D