Mahtab Hariri 

Not your typical pharmacist, but an old soul Persian Apothecarist, in the form of a modern Pharmapreneur. Her art is her personal creative lifestyle. She has been living  a life  blending her professional training, as a post doctorate clinical pharmacist, with  vitality, enthusiasm and all her passions.  She believes healing ritually, as a ceremonial lifestyle, improves self emotionally to serve society effectively more than prescribed medicines or drugs.  Intrigue Yellow is her “fun and fierce” brand to live as a “natural altruist” with or without a formalized philanthropic membership. She learned through immigration journey, witnessing social prejudices, facing health challenges, unique inner city services, family life and personal growth challenges, that happiness is a basic human rights and creativity is the key to a recylable change. She has had many homes from Tehran to Madrid and has lived with her family and three children in Chicago as her last home that she loves.  Her hobby is spending time with her international inspiring mentors and learning continuously. Motherhood and elderly care have been her main joys, starting with solving problems at home.  Mahtab has special interest in international women issues, in particular under-recognized in cultures, arts, music and sciences is her growing path to pursue through her corporation and foundation.

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