Mary Beth Malone

Chicago / Broker

A lifelong learner with a diverse resume and an insatiable need to experience and master new opportunities, Mary Beth is a teacher turned public servant, marketer, executive search consultant, real estate developer and sales professional. The thread running through each is a passion for acquiring knowledge, inspiring others to succeed and creating strong teams. Working with middle school children was a joy, creating an environment where they could soar by learning to write, read and think critically. As executive director of an international program for the city of Chicago, she was able to see our city through the eyes of people from around the world and develop meaningful communication and mutually beneficial programs. Managing searches for senior positions in large nonprofit organizations allowed her to work with boards to place accomplished professionals in key positions. Managing a complex real estate/hotel development project brought the opportunity to oversee construction management and design while using her marketing skills to advance the company. Building is the goal, not as much to achieve the best end result (which is great) but to experience the joys of the small and large “wins” and building strong relationships along the way. The hotel defied convention by, with a previously unknown brand, being named the #1 hotel in the country within two years.

A desire to further understanding as well as mutual respect and appreciation, with an emphasis on women, between eastern and western cultures inspires her involvement in Intrigue Yellow. She celebrates the opportunity to create and support cross-cultural programs.