Mina Hariri (& Milo)

Jersey City / New Mom

Mina Hariri Lombardi is an artsy soul and creative executor.  Her NYU-MBA has added her the skills of working as a seasoned merchandiser and businesswoman , but her recent mom-of- Milo role gradually unfolded other layers of her womanhood. She states that in her generation, “the world of loud femininity was at times misleading and being a soft but powerful woman has been feeling much more important to promote.” She wishes that she can use her magical baton to maintain a career while she is raising a kind, and gentle son. Mina loves to entertain with her husband, travel and design interiors and spaces with her taste for neutral palette. She finds Intrigue Yellow as a platform to interact and learn from other likeminded men and woman and spread a meaningful work across various female lives and cultures.