Rita Garry

Chicago / Attorney

Rita Garry is an attorney by trade, but at the heart of it, she is a collaborative strategist. Rita’s current professional role is Senior Counsel at the Chicago law firm of Freeborn & Peters. Throughout her 30+ years honing her professional business attorney skills, Rita has seen and done a lot, including helping hundreds of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, guiding business growth with practical legal advice, and, generally, holding the hands of business leaders all along their growth and maturity paths. Just one example of Rita’s professional “wins” is having the privilege to guide numerous 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation companies as they grow and transition ownership, without aging herself! Another great “win” for Rita is her two outstanding sons, Jake and Shawn, who have learned much from their Mom, including how not to go camping without a tent, persevering through health adversities, and hosting many impromptu parties filled with raucous laughter. Rita values family, friendship, learning, and expression of true self above all else.