Shadi Hariri

New Jersey / Engineer

Shadi Hariri is a data architect by trade, but a wife, a mother, and most recently a grandmother with her whole heart. Both at work and in her personal life, she is highly motivated and results oriented. Professionally she is passionate about data- understanding and managing it, but at work and at home, her life passion is to be kind and encourage kindness in others. She is a free-spirited individual who enjoys the simple things in life. When music hits her ears you will immediately see her body move to the beat! An avid DIY-er, you will find her outdoors during the spring season in the garden, digging into the dirt for hours on end. Between her personal and professional lives, she juggles excelling in her career and finding time to spend with family and friends. Intrigue Yellow allows her to collaborate with a diverse group of people and explore various cultures and professions.