A Yellow Happy Gallery

All creators of arts are talented philanthropists in heart. The unique entrepreneurs and their businesses presented have also graciously collaborated to donate proceeds of items for sale to benefit our foundation.The purpose of this gallery is also to platform and to support independent talents and women owned entrepreneurs. Payments will be processed  by the Intrigue Yellow Inc., which will remit a percentage of all purchases to the artists and contribute a portion to The Intrigue Yellow Foundation. (95235778v1/32653-0001) .


Jila Saberi

Wearable Artist & Couture Designer


Creative Visual Photography

Golshid Mola


Natalia Outeda

An Artisan Perfumer

Farah Karavar

Craft Artist

Shadi Zafarpour

Art Teacher

Parinaz Ghaffari

Freelance Photographer

Leyla Kashani

Sustainable Fashion Designer

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