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Intrigue Yellow®️ Well-Being is a registered creative firm and is Dr. Mahtab, IY founder's work in progress, to contribute to the Advanced Global Health by pioneering in introducing one of the most ancient Wellness Wisdoms, Persian Lifestyle Medicine and Persian Food as Medicine to the western cultures. The wholistic Heart-Mind-Body style of life is recognized in Unesco as the World Cultural Heritage and has not been revealed entirely due to non-inclusivity and politics.

‘The Human Well-being Project’ at Intrigue Yellow Inc. investigates and connects eastern and western knowledges in unified sciences and presents the wiser-well-beings as a human right. 'Be Creative' in the format of 'simple and slow' living with daily tools in nourishments and rituals playfully boosts healthier personal habits and may help reduce medication and supplement use. It starts for all, from a well designed orderly home sanctuary and a kitchen pharmacy with wholesome balanced cuisine. Proceeds from sponsored projects will profit the Intrigue Yellow Foundation's campaigns.

The Flower Head Apothee, a well connected “ME” to Mother Earth is a fictional character that via illustrative storytelling inspires the Art and Science of living with a growing heart-set. Alongside biorhythms Apothee is able to connect to her physical world on earth that intrigues vitalities and is proven to level up health.

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"Human Well-being Project" Resources are under construction.

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