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Home of Happy Rituals and Medicinal Lifestyle

This is the hub of a modernized wisdom in the form of a preventative, vetted health and wellness lifestyle. Intrigue Yellow Concept was founded by Mahtab Hariri PharmD after her own health challenges in 2012. As a spiced academic pharmacist and a mom running a big family in Chicago, she believes health starts with resetting our lifestyles towards a healing process cyclically. Healthy home for her and family starts with unprocessed balanced  medicinal cuisine along with a touch of daily home and beauty treat. She is hands- on to a deliberate joyful woman’s health as the intriguer of sunshine in family. Her iconic morning connections with #danceofsunandclouds sets her fans with a “Good morning” daily on her instagram stories. Her minimalist approach and methods in usage of processed supplements and modified food along with tablets, capsules and vitamins are her additional tools towards a healing process with any medical condition. Contact for collaborations or joint ventures from her selected topics in culinary - medicine - home - beauty. Private consultation on medication management is also available to patients and physicians.


Healing Rituals
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 Beauty & Vitality
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