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Hub of Happier Shade of Visions


This is a non-political, non- religious 501(3)(c) registered, non profit foundation. IY vision is to cultivate the goodness of talents of under-recognized global  women and  their soft powers through initiatives. IY mission is to advocate for independent talents and to create mentorship and scholarships. We wish to shift female talents in arts and sciences from marginalized identities, to empowered icons. IY creative website, is a hub of independent artists and writers to express perspectives and experiences in femininity. Meet a growing community of IY intriguers from all backgrounds of entrepreneurism and talents. They are inspirers, ambassadors and collaborators who have been supporting us from the start. Gallery below is artistic illustrations of visionary board directors and inspiring public figures. For contributions & subscriptions, or become a member of our community


Mahtab Hariri
Mahtab Hariri
Mahtab Hariri

Not your typical pharmacist, but an old soul Persian Apothecarist, in the form of a modern Pharmapreneur. Her art is her personal creative lifestyle. She has been living  a life  blending her professional training, as a post doctorate clinical pharmacist, with  vitality, enthusiasm and all her passions.  She believes healing ritually, as a ceremonial lifestyle, improves self emotionally to serve society effectively more than prescribed medicines or drugs.  Intrigue Yellow is her “fun and fierce” brand to live as a “natural altruist” with or without a formalized philanthropic membership. She learned through immigration journey, witnessing social prejudices, facing health challenges, unique inner city services, family life and personal growth challenges, that happiness is a basic human rights and creativity is the key to a recylable change. She has had many homes from Tehran to Madrid and has lived with her family and three children in Chicago as her last home that she loves.  Her hobby is spending time with her international inspiring mentors and learning continuously. Motherhood and elderly care have been her main joys, starting with solving problems at home.  Mahtab has special interest in international women issues, in particular under-recognized in cultures, arts, music and sciences is her growing path to pursue through her corporation and foundation.

Marit is the Marketing Manager at Buccellati jewelers, who has moved from Sweden to the Caribbean, California and Florida but feels right at home in Chicago. She was early on taught love and respect for nature, her fellow man, history, and other people’s ideas. On her journey she has picked up a head for business, an appreciation for art, the written and spoken word, and a deep respect for philanthropy. Her most treasured time is spent sharing ideas and meeting cultures, watching her two daughters learn, love, interact and exceed every expectation she ever had as they take on the world.

A lifelong learner with a diverse resume and an insatiable need to experience and master new opportunities, Mary Beth is a teacher turned public servant, marketer, executive search consultant, real estate developer and sales professional. The thread running through each is a passion for acquiring knowledge, inspiring others to succeed and creating strong teams. Working with middle school children was a joy, creating an environment where they could soar by learning to write, read and think critically. As executive director of an international program for the city of Chicago, she was able to see our city through the eyes of people from around the world and develop meaningful communication and mutually beneficial programs. Managing searches for senior positions in large nonprofit organizations allowed her to work with boards to place accomplished professionals in key positions. Managing a complex real estate/hotel development project brought the opportunity to oversee construction management and design while using her marketing skills to advance the company. Building is the goal, not as much to achieve the best end result (which is great) but to experience the joys of the small and large “wins” and building strong relationships along the way. The hotel defied convention by, with a previously unknown brand, being named the #1 hotel in the country within two years.

A desire to further understanding as well as mutual respect and appreciation, with an emphasis on women, between eastern and western cultures inspires her involvement in Intrigue Yellow. She celebrates the opportunity to create and support cross-cultural programs.

Mina Hariri Lombardi is an artsy soul and creative executor.  Her NYU-MBA has added her the skills of working as a seasoned merchandiser and businesswoman , but her recent mom-of- Milo role gradually unfolded other layers of her womanhood. She states that in her generation, “the world of loud femininity was at times misleading and being a soft but powerful woman has been feeling much more important to promote.” She wishes that she can use her magical baton to maintain a career while she is raising a kind, and gentle son. Mina loves to entertain with her husband, travel and design interiors and spaces with her taste for neutral palette. She finds Intrigue Yellow as a platform to interact and learn from other likeminded men and woman and spread a meaningful work across various female lives and cultures.

Inspiring Vocalist -Women in Music 

(Illustrative art inspired by Googoosh- Iran - Singer )  

Rita Garry

Rita Garry is an attorney by trade, but at the heart of it, she is a collaborative strategist. Rita’s current professional role is Senior Counsel at the Chicago law firm of Freeborn & Peters. Throughout her 30+ years honing her professional business attorney skills, Rita has seen and done a lot, including helping hundreds of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, guiding business growth with practical legal advice, and, generally, holding the hands of business leaders all along their growth and maturity paths. Just one example of Rita’s professional “wins” is having the privilege to guide numerous 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation companies as they grow and transition ownership, without aging herself! Another great “win” for Rita is her two outstanding sons, Jake and Shawn, who have learned much from their Mom, including how not to go camping without a tent, persevering through health adversities, and hosting many impromptu parties filled with raucous laughter. Rita values family, friendship, learning, and expression of true self above all else.

Shadi Hariri is a data architect by trade, but a wife, a mother, and most recently a grandmother with her whole heart. Both at work and in her personal life, she is highly motivated and results oriented. Professionally she is passionate about data- understanding and managing it, but at work and at home, her life passion is to be kind and encourage kindness in others. She is a free-spirited individual who enjoys the simple things in life. When music hits her ears you will immediately see her body move to the beat! An avid DIY-er, you will find her outdoors during the spring season in the garden, digging into the dirt for hours on end. Between her personal and professional lives, she juggles exceling in her career and finding time to spend with family and friends. Intrigue Yellow allows her to collaborate with a diverse group of people and explore various cultures and professions.

Kristine Farra has been involved in the Real Estate, Lifestyle + Marketing Sector for over 10 years and is known for her unsurpassed knowledge of this dynamic market, offering the most comprehensive as well as ultimate custom marketing programs! Kristine has been featured in many publications, broadcast media and is also top 2% Linkedin profile.  She received her doctorate from Northwestern University, with an international background maintains a global perspective and speaks 3+ languages. Kristine’s extensive involvement in philanthropic boards and committees, many with a strong emphasis on empowerment, lend itself well to supporting and enhancing exposure and support of The Intrigue Yellow Foundation, it’s programs and causes.

Inspiring Royal -Women in public service, arts & fashion (Illustrative art inspired by Empress Farah Diba- Iran)

Inspiring Mathematician- Women in Science 

(Illustrative art inspired by Dr. Maryam Mirzakhani - Iran - First Woman Field Prize  Winner in Mathematics)