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Hub of Happier Shade of Visions

This is a non-political, non- religious 501(3)(c) registered, non profit foundation. IY vision is to cultivate the goodness of talents of under-recognized global  women and  their soft powers through initiatives. IY mission is to advocate for independent talents and to create mentorship and scholarships. We wish to shift female talents in arts and sciences from marginalized identities, to empowered icons. IY creative website, is a hub of independent artists and writers to express perspectives and experiences in femininity. Meet a growing community of IY intriguers from all backgrounds of entrepreneurism and talents. They are inspirers, ambassadors and collaborators who have been supporting us from the start. Gallery below is artistic illustrations of visionary board directors and inspiring public figures. For contributions & subscriptions, or become a member of our community


Mahtab Hariri

Intrigue Yellow®  


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