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Amanda Kay Bonnell

Chicago / Disruptive Strategist

Amanda has implemented her Harvard & entrepreneurial disruptive growth strategies, along with her proven methodologies, to 10x her clients in her GROWTH CAPSULE and the RUNWAY 2 LAUNCH | REACH | GROW programs.  

Amanda is no stranger to success in creating a successful business, she earned her first $10 million in 5 years at 33 years old, and $20 million 3 years later at 36.  She leads Pods of entrepreneurs down a transformational path of personal and professional growth, with only one outcome -> success, growth, collaboration, leverage and relationships that last a lifetime.
Amanda has been recognized in many entrepreneur articles in magazines, such as DISRUPT,  as well as recognized as a dynamic woman leader in Chicago, by Modern Luxury CS Magazine. Bonnell dedicates her work to leading entrepreneurs to abundant growth that is otherwise out-of-reach when going it alone. 

If you haven't heard her speak, you’re missing out!  She is real, witty, and brilliant, with an obvious MISSION to give women a simple RUNWAY to success.   She takes the ‘overwhelm’ out of entrepreneurship & life.

Jump into one of her weekly RUNWAY live Podcasts, as she is even disrupting the PODCAST world by hosting her PODCASTs on an interactive platform, so that you can actually join in and be a part of it!

My PURPOSE for supporting IY is to elevate and empower creative women around the world who have been suppressed by their culture, surroundings, men, and people in powerful positions who don’t support them.   It’s time to let all women shine their brightest shade of yellow!