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Arian Khoroushi

La & Chicago / Producer

Arian Khoroushi (born September 20, 1989), is a film director, producer, actor, musician, and social media influencer.  He studied Biomedical Engineering at the Azad University of Tehran, Oloum Tahghighat, and moved to California in 2010. He graduated in Theater, Film, and Digital Production from the University of California, Riverside in 2016. He has been producing and creating content mostly under his production company "ARI K PRODUCTION" since 2014. Arian’s vision is to create a lasting, permanent yet special, and memorable work through which he can influence others’ perspectives. His discovery of his goal has been accomplished through film and music productions. He produced, directed, and played several roles in various featured and short films, commercials, and documentaries. Furthermore, being proficient in several musical instruments, Arian has performed at and collaborated with several music bands. He believes every great journey begins with a dreamer, while the whole universe conspires to make it a reality for him.