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Intrigue Yellow Inc. is a for-profit firm that consults, connects, co-creates and joint ventures to help entrepreneurs & small independent , woman owned businesses to grow innovatively with their humanitarian aspects. All partnerships are intended to support under-recognized cultures and feminine creativities for profit to the business owners. Intrigue Yellow Inc. benefits, via proceedings to the The Intrigue Yellow Foundation's initiatives and causes.

 cURRENT Project

Beauty and Balance start with healing efforts done daily and seasonally from home space, which can lead to the least medication use in elder years and increases the quality of life. This lifestyle is a growth mindset of "seeking for an intention that ritualizes happiness, as a basic human right,  that also empowers women from self on to the next generations",  Mahtab Hariri Pharm.D and Directing Founder notes.

On going creativities in the "kitchen lab" to compound and build recipes,  "add-on" and don't "subtract" from family's wholeness in wellness, as it had been an ancient art of living and a  "woman's job" often misrepresented & under- recognized . 

Apothecarista thrives to modernize women's ancient wisdom in family health, in the form of a meaningful and easy-to-follow preventative and medicinal lifestyle. "Nourishment as Medicine" and "Ritualize Happy" are original concepts in this mind-heart-medicinal lifestyle brand. 

Contact for collaborations or joint ventures from selected topics in culinary - medicine - home and beauty.

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