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We are an avant-garde philanthropic concept, in the form of hands-on wellness and grounded global lifestyle. Dialogues on empowering women’s creative nature, otherwise under-recognized in expressions of arts and sciences, starts with dignifying their true identities. We narrate intrigues in women global issues through initiatives, good deeds. Our website is like a story book with original imageries and words. Intrigue Yellow brand is ethically conscious, media responsible and wholesome.


Intrigue Yellow Inc.

We venture with like minded; add value and evolve jointly to become humanitarian focused businesses. IY profits are shared with foundation causes. Sounds good?

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The Intrigue Yellow Foundation

We look deep into women of talents' global problems, select our causes to serve diversity and inclusivity. We cultivate a culture of unity and peace starting with women’s softer powers.  We trust in good deeds - good thoughts - good words to dignify. Sounds awesome? 

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Women of Pandemic 2020

Women are caregiving & creative altruists by heart. With all respect to health care workers & victims of Corona; we are focusing on future of survivors' wellness starting in Pandemic Motherhood and platforming women owned artists and entrepreneurs during and after this crisis.

A Yellow Happy Gallery

#IntrigueAYellowHappy2020 is pandemic campaign to uplift livelihood  and build resilience through a healing & happy awareness during and post crisis.​ Any purchases from gallery will support Women of Pandemic causes.

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