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Initiatives are the Dynamism & Strength of the Missions

We shifted just when we were focusing on Women in Voice, Fashion and re-growth through building resilience...

Women are the cornerstone of a nurturing care from home to society and can initiate a rebalancing process during and after this pandemic. Through "Women of Pandemic 2020 Cause" and "A Yellow Happy Campaign", IY sheds light on natural altruistic and creative nature of women artists and entrepreneurs to serve survivors. MEET AND SHOP TO DONATE at "A Yellow Happy Gallery"

IY  supports and collaborates for growth and advises businesses, during this financial hardship in time. Through creativities we help develop new sources of growth, with a disruptive innovative humanitarian project. 

For more questions CONTACT HERE


Intrigue Yellow "Senior Heroes" is our cause to promote with hope for elderly. For sponsorship and collaboration, CONTACT HERE.


Intrigue Yellow "Mamas & Chickies" campaign is on its way  to socially support new Pandemic Motherhood issues .

IY  exclusive "Yellow Happy Forbidden Mask" illustrations commissioned to Shadi Zafarpour, an art teacher in Spain, is of inspiring women in public service, who have influenced the world with their graceful Pandemic stories in quarantine. For bidding the original art to benefit our causes CONTACT HERE.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso is the president of the Community of Madrid and was one of the early Spanish leaders, who was tested positive. She is the mentor politician in the front line of bringing hope to Spain.

Dr. Gita Ramjee  is an Indian - SouthAfrican woman in science who was the leading researcher on AIDS epidemic and hoped to overcome cultural barriers to stopping its spread in women. She lost her life to Coronavirus in March 2020 and is crowned to shine on our wall permanently.

Princess Sofia of Sweden, volunteered to serve hospitals in order to help her people with Coronavirus.She completed an emergency training course and will be providing support for doctors and nurses.She is iconic and a true public servant.

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