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Mahtab created IY “intriguers” to brand her community of humble & fascinating people, who arouse curiosity. She believes, as a creative founder, that she is yet an apprentice herself. IY creates an opportunity to surrounding with other creatives from diverse tiers and places. Intriguers are a round table of brilliant minded volunteers, who share their wisdoms and fresh perspectives. From Inspirations to Collaborations and from “Silent Generation” to  “Gen Alpha", she honors  a borderless multi-cultural dialogue.

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Visionary Ambassadors

Visionary Ambassadors

Mahtab Hariri

Chicago / Founder

Michael Aram

Lucien Lagrange

Rita Garry

Chicago / Attorney

Kristine Farra

Chicago / Lifestylist

Marit Bohbot

Chicago / Jewelry Curator

Shadi Hariri

New Jersey / Engineer

Mary Beth Malone

Chicago / Broker

Michael Aram

Sinan Zhang

China / Digital Marketer

Mina Hariri ( &Milo )

Jersey City / New Mom

Inspiring Advisors 

Roshi Rahnama

Los Angeles / Art Curator

Michael Aram

Lucien Lagrange

Chicago / Architect

Michael Aram

New York / Designer

Hariri and Hariri

New York / Architect

Lucien Lagrange

Michael Aram

Raha Didevar

Los Angeles / Clinical Psychologist

Collaborative Community

Collaborative Community

Carol  Ysla

Chicago / Art Designer

Michael Aram

Melinda Lagrange

Chicago / Broker

Fafi Vossoughi 

Chicago / Philanthropist

Shahnam Sharareh

Chicago / Pharmacist

Michael Aram

Niaz Parvaresh

Los Angeles / Photographer

Shadi Zafarpour

Spain / Art Teacher

Azadeh Khastoo

Chicago / Photographer

Michael Aram

Shereen Hariri

Florida / Chocolatier Artist

Karen Lurie

Switzerland / English Teacher

Coming soon

Nilou Nouri

California / Aesthete & Officiant

Michael Aram

Jila Saberi

Los Angeles / Fashion Designer

Elham Taherkhani 

England /Pastry Chef 

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