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Mahtab Hariri Pharm.D. is not your typical pharmacist. She is a modern, multi-cultured visionary in the form of an old soul Persian Apothecarist, who believes finding life remedies for human beings' maladies and social challenges requires the same process: an insightful self and 'happy' emotions. She proposes a creative lifestyle that aligns and balances human beings' feminine and masculine energies but brings attention to the softer power of female creativity for making a change & closing gaps from self to surroundings. Dr. Mahtab has practiced as a clinical pharmacist, with more than 15 years of experience in academia from the University of Maryland to the University of Illinois colleges of Pharmacy. She was trained as a post-doctorate resident in Ambulatory Medicine and her focus had been on Neurology & Internal Medicine and HIV. She was the pioneer in setting up and trending health initiatives in Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Care Practice in the mid-’90s; as a patient-focused and disease outcome-based pharmacotherapist.

Mahtab has been a lifetime “goodwill” ambassador & culturist with a focus on misrepresentations of dignified identities due to politics or gender. Her earliest memory with her activist teacher mother in Iran goes back to orphanages and children with disabilities. In the 80s, starting in college, she was the founder and president of the Persian Cultural Club in NJ and executed a building school in rural Iran post-natural disaster of 1989 in Lowshan. Her Intrigue Yellow Initiative consisting of a for-profit Creative Firm and a not-for-profit Modern Foundation is her third generation of works in philanthropy and humanitarian businesses. Her hobby is spending time with her international inspiring mentors and learning continuously. Motherhood and elderly care have been her main joys, starting with solving problems at home. Dr. Mahtab has a special interest in international women's issues, in particular, under-recognized in cultures, arts, music, and sciences her growing path to pursue through her corporation and foundation.

Feb 2018

As a tribute to victims of school shooting and her campaign for Music as Medicine,  Intrigue Yellow®️ yet in infancy with sponsorships of Steinway and Sons Pianos supported the mission by hosting a fundraising event in collaboration with LPMC Foundation, Maple and Ash, Michael Aram and Persian Tradition Wine and mass ornament films .The proceeds were processed through LPMC Foundation to People's Music School in Chicago.

Nov 2019

The Center of  Women "Pharmapreneurism" was established at  The University of  Maryland, Baltimore and invited Mahtab Hariri and her foundation  for further academic collaborations with Dean Natalie Eddington and Associate Dean of Development Dr. Ken Boyden.

Oct 2019

IY founder  joined an academic interaction with visionary world renowned Argentinian Neurologist Dr. Facundo Manes and Dr. Vivek Murthy 19th and 21st surgeon general of USA and Dr. Stephanie Cacioppo the President of Society Of Social Neuroscience regarding the “Healing Power of Connection“ and future efforts in combating "loneliness".

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