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by:  Mahtab Hariri

Hello... I'm Dr. Mahtab Hariri, An Entrepreneur Old world pharmacist with a Modern "twist" and the creative founding director at Intrigue Yellow®- a Happy hub of global women and their inclusive  curiosities & expressions.

I prescribe a powerful "medicine" in the form of a nurturing lifestyle brand, that encourages "act of giving" to self and to society for cultivating our soft powers, to close gaps. the "chemistry of healing" is  embedded in each one of my non-profit initiatives and for profit Projects, that boost goodness to talents & businesses, otherwise not fully recognized. if you are a distinguished talent or business join us to inspire other women, in order to build mentorships& scholarships and to enhance your business with our unique humanitarian global initiatives. If you are an independent talent, join us to collaborate and build bridges to growth by benefiting your business, while helping others alike. I envision love and peace in diversities, by uniting talents and acknowledging them properly as a community. 

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