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In pharmacy school we think we are here for "others", to remedy with special chemical potions to make sick feel better and that's great science ! However, when we, in medicine, get sick we are surprised how with our knowledge we failed ourselves and tend to dig deeper.   I, too, like many stories alike, was challenged with heart disease, at the most inconvenient time of my life and maybe at the peak of my perceived health.  I was a 'devotee to health' and clinically prescribed protocols. My 'illness' path, became my 'wellness' insights and grew deeper simultaneously. I learned "wellness" is not a "looking good" deal,  but setting ourselves up to bounce back to feeling good too. Living healthy, is a deeper respect of  vitality and beyond diet and exercise.   I became a modern seeker in the form of a 'hacker' and started to look outside of the box not with Dr. Google as reference but with my own 'happy' pockets  I earned from tapping into ancient rituals.  I am pioneering in the field of lifestyle medicine to reconnect and redefine 'Persian Food as Medicine' and shed light to its value outside of its festive and abundance cuisine. Heart-brain-gut balance in a 'serve -care'  hospitality context and as it connects to our rhythms - circadian rhythms and beyond- is a 'vibe' I am looking after to explore and share.  Like Persians say: " good intellect is found in good body." Reclaiming Identity & Redefining Society

I do not think of myself as an influencer, neither I have the desire to become a feminist activist or like any sexism. I am a modern version of a Persian- global citizen and come from an ancient history, where genders and religious differences , humbly speaking, did not exist. It's in my 'cultural DNA' to believe in "good thoughts, good words and good deeds" with my modern twist of reflections in 'good actions' within a humanitarian 'entrepreneur' capsule . In the past 40 years, since I immigrated from Iran, I have been consistently observing and questioning self : " why does it feel like humanity is regressing in Love and Peace matters?" I am a mother,  who is challenged daily to 'raise finer humans'. Call me a dreamer and I probably have been all my life, because proudly I come from Disney World era, where pixie dusts making magics happen was the only visual we had to believe in something extra. Today they call me a "visionary". I call "ME" an "Intriguer" with curiosity and fascinations and glad to be here in my mid-ages to test my very own soft powers to see  how I can make any difference. This is my healing tool just like how my medicines are to my patients. I admit in my career as a pharmacist, I did not always cure patients; but as an educator, I was able to add perspectives for my students to shift. Being a pharmacist is more than pouring syrups and sticking labels... I am convinced we see world from different lens of unfragmented resilience and hope to heal what feels at unease. 

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