Mahtab Hariri a mom, a pharmacist, a culturist & philanthropist


I am a mother and a pharmacist, and thought of myself invincible. In pharmacy school we refer to patients as "others", and to us as "healers" with special medical tools- in a way!  I became a heart disease patient with heart beat of 230  bpm in 2011 after following a “perfect” healthy life "regimen" prescribed. That's when I learned "wellness" is not propaganda of "looking good" or instructions from health gurus. It is a deeper respect of  vitality and nurturing self with nourishments that matter to each one; plus love. I feel sometimes that I am a modern seeker in the form of a hacker and a creative "healer" using all my life and medical skills plus passions ritually from sunshine to kitchen and from vitamins to medications. I create and explore daily; to zap any unbalanced signals in my own vesicle of mind and body and I care to share. I love the uniqueness of my functional "add-on" medicinal recipes that I create, because they must have been inspired from deep Persian roots in apothecary, with a local taste. Think of them as a simple way to produce your own multivitamin in your kitchen lab with a vetted raw prescription. In order to be a whole human kind, I envision, we need to nourish wholesome and responsible, in order to create our own personalized health. I also believe 'Happy' is our basic human rights and we all deserve a sense of ritually cycling beauty & balance to become a healthy global citizen.

I do not think of myself as an influencer, neither I have the desire to become a feminist activist. I am a visionary Intriguer who sees herself as a multicultural, fascinated and curious story teller, who is present and true to all.  Any character of my extraordinary stories in Intrigue Yellow Foundation,  will express  unbiased power of femininity sourced from Mother Nature to nurture and serve  the world and other fellow humans.   I envision this process to be a healing tool to our diverse world with insecurities on gender topics. Historically, women’s true stories either remained untold or misinterpreted and marginalized, due to politics or gender. As an immigrant Persian woman, who grew up in Spain and America, I became more aware that fragmented dialogues are part of problem.  I hope, with a positive & responsible perspective of social media, to initiate new ways to connect globally for building a long lasting community that sets example in unity, mentorship and growth. I admit in my career as a pharmacist, I did not always cure my patients; but as an academician I was able to add perspectives for my students, that healing all life maladies require more dynamics and vision than sticking labels on Rx bottles, pouring, counting or popping pills. From healing self to healing the world is a dream we all have and needs less than just skills and experience but an active force in giving and sharing goodnesses.

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