Mahtab Hariri, a mom, a pharmacist, a culturist & philanthropist


Meet The Founder



I do not think of myself as an “influencer” or have a desire to become a “ feminist" or activist and in fact I do not like any form of anything politicized. I like telling extraordinary stories in multiculturalism and borderless inclusion of women of talent. I align my vision and their talents to create incentives for enriching global human intelligence & up-leveling humanitarian business models. I envision this process as a healing tool to our diverse world. My intention of being an "intriguer" is for closing the gaps of gender and gaps of arts and sciences with soft powers and full focus. Our modern world is over communicated and our connections are often fragmented but intriguers are initiators of a transparent powerful dialogue.  

I admit that in my career as a pharmacist, I did not always cure my patients. But as an academician I did add  glittering  perspectives for my students that healing life maladies require more dynamics and vision than sticking labels on Rx bottles, pouring, counting or popping pills.


Mahtab Hariri, Pharm.D

Intrigue Yellow Founder