Bubbly Mindful Moments, Before Building a Memory is an Art

Celebrating Life in the form of #birthdays and #weddings (or funerals) , have always been a trend in human beings’ history. Right before the 2020’s Pandemic Corona Virus, it all seemed too perfect with celebrity- style- celebrations filling up #chicago city’s weekend night life at restaurants, night clubs, private mansions to public parks & even streets. The more the elevated parties were thrown and later posted on social media, the "happier" the life appeared & some role modeled the presentations, in order to become later on an entitlement to their self worth. Surprise celebrations were becoming a sign of “popularity by demand”

“Celebrating life each day” sounded as a cliche - spiritual wisdom, poetic manifestations and not ever viewed as a preventative, rather medicinal practice to heal- but NOT to “ME” the Flowerhead Apothecarista. Pre-Pandemic ”ME” refreshed on to a new day through acceptance and forgivingness- not through forgetfulness or negligence. It soon became a #purpose , a #medicine in the form of #mindfulness and #nowness practices, that she tasted as an intuitively created medicine . Simple activities to connect daily with a fresh sensory and clean surroundings connects beauty to an on going balancing process. Stepping outdoors to watch #danceofsunandclouds at sun up and preparing self mindfully , along with growing flowers or even lighting an aromatic candle is connecting with life elements in the form of water-fire-earth-wind. It is a continuous and repetitious sensory reset and a #braindetox strengthening practice to build bubbly moments before anyone wakes up in solitude of a creative calling.

During pandemic quarantine, when life was dull and disconnected , "ME" transform her thoughts into medicinal celebrations and to became a #ritualizehappy practice; a lifesaver to bring something that was lacking and helped ease the day-to-day life. It became a ceremony to heal , to build #resilience and #hope for self and others. Designing #happy to bubble moments by connecting to surroundings is an art of living and this year's family's September birthday celebrations meant celebrating a compilation of all the daily's bubbly moments . Building memories is an art, a feminine creativity and intelligence to ignite life for self and others. Pandemic Birthday Celebration is an acknowledgment that we are safe, we are positive, we have hope to build where we are left off, and wearing a yellow mask is only a way to shine even more from isolation.

Author: Mahtab Hariri is the Founder and Creative Director of Intrigue Yellow as a philanthropist and a Lifestyle Clinical Pharmacist , a Mom and Concept Creator of Caspian Food As Medicine and Ritualize Happy to Minimize Medication on @The_Apothecarista


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