“Covid Kindness” Quarantined in Kitchen

Stocking up has gone from a quick stop on your way from work to an outing planned with the precision of a military operation. Protecting, procuring and purifying our supplies has become a lengthy process with each family instating their own safety protocol.  

No doubt we are writing our own history here.  What will your Pandemic narrative be a generation from now?  A high score in Candy Crush or wave of kindness, rings on the water started from the computer in your kitchen?  These days I am spending a lot of time with my 86 year old mother-in-law.  I’m fortunate to tap in to all of her love, energy, laughter, phenomenal cooking skills and patience with my children. Sheltering in place was not what we had planned, a week traveling together turned into months in quarantine, but what a gift that she is here now.  Use your time wisely, but be quick to forgive yourself if you don’t meet the standards you set for yourself. Each and every one of us will have days when we feel that we are far from who we want to be.  Try to treat yourself as if you were a friend.  We all need compassion and kindness, most of all when we feel we don’t deserve it. 

Soon we will need more than ways to cope with functioning from our confinement.  Soon we will need to comfort friends that have lost loved ones, are sick or worried about friends and family members that are infected and dealing with the frustration of not being able to go and be by their side and bring them tea, hugs and flowers, things that we normally do when those we care about are unwell.  Even if the numbers are staggering each case is an individual that means the world to one of us.  Let’s meet each of these individuals with an ample of compassion. 

The good news is that compassion, unlike toilet paper, does not run out when you use it, it only multiplies.  So as you stock up, don’t forget to put compassion on your list.

Author: Marit Bohbot is a marketing manager at Buccellati Chicago.