Gabbing with Glamour is a Purpose

ME” has a 100% Caspian Sea root; where #lahijantea is the pure Tea from city of Lahijan, located in the north of Iran in Gilan province. Drinking tea, in a Persian way, was traditionally a “ceremony” as in teahouses where they were important social places to gab-typically at length, about trivial matters - or to relax listening to Naghal (storyteller). Tea was hot and steaming, cognac- color & aromatic and repeatedly was refilled without request by the traditional “tea” baristas until they were signaled by the drinker to stop. Eastekaan #استکان was the hour glass shape 2-3 ounces in size of tea glasses with saucers and sugar cube or trays of dried fruits next to.

To “ME” drinking tea has two ceremonially ritual based mind-body- soul beneficial effects:

1) Hydration Concoctions with whole organic spices, loose tea leaves, herb infused, fruit & vegetable floaters as “hot elixirs”. Elixirs in apothecaries is a magical potion or a medical potion designed to cure or it was anciently believed to make a person live forever. I like my concoctions as a hydration with a purpose.

2) Estekaan & Lipstick on IY blogs to meet and greet all humbly creative women artists who have a unique expression in their talents of self and home to gab - write - feel stories & exchange souls to grow without a promotional tone... just a Persian corner to archive life and take a journey together; wherever that might be!

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