Be with “ME” means with “You”

Let “ME” first start with making a disclaimer in LARGE PRINTS: I am not a chef. I love my chef friends. They have fun with “ME” eating their food and expressing my delicate opinion, when I have one. They are the least egoistic friends to me ,who are the icons in a nurturing service !!!

Looking back, I am who I have always been and I am not “New & Improved”. I am just “seasoned with time & technology” and make more friends globally daily! I love the power of responsible social media... responsible means no misleads or no misrepresentations. It also means “no copy & paste” of others creativities & ideas without crediting inspirers humbly or inviting them to collaborate. “ME” likes it “raw and truthful” with an expressive elegance. I don’t prefer to know anyone’s “natural stuff” and “badass stuff” on social media in an effort to be real!

Being “sociable” is a thing “ME” owns. I own boxes and boxes of letters from Iran written from family and friends, along with diaries and “idea books” accumulated in 40 years. Idea books were the late 70’s - 80’s creative scrapbooking for interactive exchange of ideas amongst friends and I made them very seriously and have about 10. They are scraped with humor and cartoon, extravagant elegance and fancy models cuts of fashionable glamours; home decor and FOOD!

Switching from social to family we live in Chicago. After experiencing life in Tehran and Madrid and yearning to the vibes of the two cities and cultures, Chicago became us. My husband and I have been living here for the past 24 years and have a ton of meaningful ties.

The motherhood of “Me” consists of having my humorously multitalented son Sepehr 18 and my twins. Pariya my daughter has an unbelievable determination with a soft graceful smile and style and Parhum my son is charismatically intelligent emotionally and logically. My husband Sean is a brain surgeon, 30 pounds slimmer and ONLY eats from my medicinal kitchen. I admit I don’t eat only from my own kitchen and I should if I had “me” cloned to serve to “ME” daily. Reason is also I like restaurants to sit down and be served and I won’t say no to dessert.

As a daughter , I have been caring for my parents diligently for the past 18 years living next to us in same high rise. My parents are the true “yin and yang”. They are my most pleasurable pain particular when I am stuck in the middle of their daily push and pull. My father Mahmoud is food fan of “ME” and he is 100 years old. He claims my cooking and love towards him are his longevity secret. Check Instagram highlight stories of “ME & Baba” for fun. My mother Pouran is 82 and disabled. She is surprisingly NOT my food fan, because I am supposed to be in classy clothes and in university teaching neuron stuff and not wasting time in the kitchen with my “fancy” PJ. She still looks like a model, although she is very pessimistic about herself and won’t like me to post much about her. She was a teacher; Tehran’s old times socialite & lifestylist; philanthropist to orphans, disabled kids & environment and a true Persian women rights activist. Now, she spends her retired times with “one low sighted eye” and trembling hands on responsible social media too as a Persian woman rights and political activist!

I must say growing up with her I must have learned good in the kitchen. When we had family gatherings, my nanny Razieh would cook. Pouran would show up to make her signature barley soup and grilled “thin” kabobs with green hot pepper smashed in lavash bread for appetizer. She would decorate and present and her tables were breathless with flowered veggie cuts and unpractical towers made from cauliflowers. Pouran and “ME” bond over specific topics such as intellectual women issues and bite over a Chick-fil-A sandwich with coke & Girardelli ice cream sundae as dessert. She loves Intrigue Yellow and she is a proud mother.

Lastly, let’s finish with character “ME” that is echoed everywhere. It came from a selfless place inspired by “YOU”. Since April 16, 2018 this account was only a private personal journal for my weight loss post heart health challenge and then it was named “recycle me 2018 “. The concept and methods grew to be a “culinary apothecary” and then “Apothecarista” a female old world pharmacist. Every time I posted more of my followers would comment: “like me” or “me too” “OMG that’s me”.... so “ME” became a common character meaning “WE”. In this IY fantasy world of “ME” everything is explainable not justifiably excusable. At the end of day remember it’s “ME” - “WE” the feminine women who has to calm to criticism or flattery to balance for next day to serve self, family & society for a balance and a beauty.


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