The "Magical Multitaskers"

I say we women are not Wonder Women; we are Magical Multitaskers. We enthusiastically carry many passions - from our sense of beauty to caring for others, to our intelligent roles in society...unless we are somehow being shut down. We compassionately sense details of life constantly under a magnification lens. We have evolved from telephone operators to social network pros, taking the most selfies to express ourselves through our own lens.

We usually know the answer to WHAT and are quick to answer questions. We are half scientific - we observe, analyze and ask WHY  - and half artistic by creating “chaos or order” and ask HOW? We don’t live life on a straight line, as light once was also defined to travel . That “optical illusion” is now redefined as well and it’s about time to realize that our female light is not a straight line but bends, curves and zigzags. We are naturally cyclical human beings for the sake of our chemistry, and live life at “peaks and troughs” and that’s how we strengthen our resilience and patience. Our success stories as a soloist manifest later in life at times, and it “dims or glows” in phases. We don’t give credit to ourselves, we proclaim “it came with wisdom.”

But then it is about time to be mindful that all these goodnesses have spread us thin, we have run out of time faster and we feel we have lost power. “Power and time are money” so our wages are lower and we are honored and recognized less. As a result, we become more irritated. In history, our emotional intelligence was called hysteria and was a sex-sensitive disorder and only affected us due to a with uterus. History has proven there are more negative words describing women with expressions like “selfish, passive, scattered, opportunistic, gossipy, excitable, vain, panicky, temperamental and indecisive” and now, in modern days, we are referred to as “Bi.....” in even the most casual conversations. Do we think that’s empowering or something to giggle about?

Woman-empowerment that has scared some, is actually a very soft and humble modern movement and means no harm to take anyone’s zest away. We don’t need to be loud chatterers, “go-getters,” manipulators or conspirators who then chug down “healthy” smoothies on the go and exercise crazily, get our nails finely manicured and call it self-love. These stressful expressions will kill us at the tender age of 50 with “heart breaks” which no excessive intake of wine or weed can balance out.

I grew up with a poetic mother tongue and metaphors. My name, Mahtab, means moonlight and I like to believe I receive my shine from the sun and start my day with writing about the drama of #danceofsunandclouds.  I sip on my coffee and I wish to “recycle me” from coffee beans to a coffee tree one day.  We women need to shine bright like the sunshine, being intrigued to fuse our “lighter elements” and make them our fascinating, stronger rays of light, with a color that glows brighter. Scientifically speaking, as soloists, we are like hydrogen and if forced into becoming helium at its core and support of our causes, our energy will shine in all directions as we like it. If sun radiation takes about eight minutes to make contact with Earth, I am positive women empowerment can also be a smooth change for all of us to enjoy intelligently and effortlessly throughout our lifetime.

Author: Mahtab Hariri is the Founder and Creative Director of Intrigue Yellow as a philanthropist and a Lifestyle Clinical Pharmacist , a Mom and Concept Creator of Caspian Food As Medicine and Ritualize Happy to Minimize Medication on @The_Apothecarista


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