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Chicago Gives Chic-A-Go with Iran Fashionista Leyla Kashani

More to upload on images... on 2-23-23 Intrigue Yellow Project

More Music, No war Virtual Event

Women of war- Ukraine

Intrigue Yellow®️ restarted its activities post pandemic on The Earth Day April 22, 2022.   IY Virtual Event was a tribute to Women of Modern Wars and an awareness to Music as a remedy towards peace starting from encouraging softer expressions , children and music . This event raised funds for Ukraine War through a virtual trivia game gathering donors of all ages purchasing tickets to donate . An artistic production by free lance AriK Productions shed light on the topic of global women and wars. An animating illustrative story telling was created by IY Founder Mahtab Hariri and Illustrations by independent artist Ali Beal from Canada. The illustrations were inspired from ancient wisdoms on topics of Earth and Women and how life is about protecting peace on earth. Total of $8000 was raised

Pandemic Virtuals Intrigue a Yellow Happy Gallery Project

Only eight months through inception, Intrigue Yellow re-focused during the Pandemic crisis 2020 to find solutions via bringing awareness for women-owned independent artists and supporting small businesses. The Yellow-themed Gallery's 'Shop to Donate' created a 'Happy' campaign and commissioned freelancers and platformed women owned businesses . 

Book Art Collaboration with THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO

The Awareness Project

City of Chicago is Intrigue Yellow’s home and we will always initiate a “yellow hello” and contribute to city’s globalism efforts, cultural enrichment and diversity.​ During a book giving invitation and ceremony with The Art Institute of Chicago with Mr. Douglas Litts, Executive Director of Libraries, (Ryerson and Burnham), and our brilliant Board of Director Mrs. Marit Bohbot, we gifted a valuable autographed book to the library's special and private collection about Iran, to bring awareness to under-recognized civilization and cultures in the modern political times.


The Beginning

IY launch was in Chicago, with endorsements, sponsorships, collaborations, and participation of generations in local culture and finest philanthropy enthusiasts. The guests who participated were from both science and art backgrounds, equally intrigued.

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