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In each Creative Committee IY will design projects to reach purposes in Human Wellbeing and Wiser livings. Let's convert dreams to do's and grow our purpose to heal happy, build resilience and shed light on topics that are otherwise under rated. Join committees or our community to become an "intriguer' of a purpose to elevate the global society with projects that can BE a change.


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Project: 'More Music No Guns'  Where: Chicago When:2018
Beneficiary: LPMC

Goal and Objective and Execution.Post school shootings in 2018, IY founder Mahtab Hariri in collaboration with Lincoln Park Music Foundation started an affair. With sponsorship of Steinway and Sons Piano and Maple and Ash Restaurant in Chicago, brought awareness for the global community & future peace on earth belongs to children and their talents to express their intelligences. #moremusicnoguns helped raising funds for People's Music School that is a free music school serving Chicago metropolitan area children.

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Campaign:  'More Music No War' where: virtual when: 2022

Expressions Committee evolved from the project under the name of 'More Music No Guns' to a campaign of 'More Music No War' during Ukrainian war in March 2022. The project was a tribute to 'Women of Modern Wars and Children of Global Music" and IY virtual fundraising event supported the victims of Ukraine  war. t

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Enlightenment Committee Project: Dynamicists In Science

This project starts affairs and connections to create a campaign in Women In Science and their journey in wellness and unwell experiences. Ovarian Cancer is a cause IY has in hand , to shed a new perspective in disease management and topic of wellness for women. IY productions and events will tell future stories about women scientists  and their challenge as a mother and Ovarian cancer victim.

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