Niaz Parvaresh

Niaz is a professional creative photographer living in Los Angeles, who studied Graphic Design in Iran and Commercial Photography in USA. Her innovative and Avant grade style attract many inspiring  & independent artists. She has received her first award in 2014 from College of Canyons and her nominations were in 2015 and from Fine Art Photography Awards in 2017. Her biggest passion is life is photography (see more). Since she was a child, she would use her camera to see things from a different angle very different than what most can see. Color and framing are her strengths and she looks for extraordinary lighting in her subjects. She creates “statement pieces” in her galleries  and her photography opens  many conversations. Her marbles photography is her very own style that reflects a colorful world in Niaz’s eyes. Her selfie styles photography express abstracts & secretes from the eyes of the viewer as she sees it reflected in others.