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Dr. Mahtab has lived as a Persian-American outside of Iran for 43 years, manifesting her ancestral, timeless home-health reflections next to her big family, as a wife, mother of three and caregiver to her elderly parents as old as 104. She calls herself a life-stylist of a 'healing home' as her 'Happy Gene, Cultural DNA' echoes in her sanctuary. She adds that her main superpower, like all woman is to create health like an apothecarist from her heart and not just skillfully as a scientist or pharmacist dispensing pills. In 2012, Dr. Mahtab expanded her "right questions" with her scientific mindset from the universe, when the western diet, exercise and lifestyle failed the best prescribed and practiced health for herself and her close family. Dr. Mahtab continued her non-spiritual, non-trendy, evidence based, emotionally intelligent journey and became a multilingual independent researcher by tapping into the most ancient resources. "With fortunate strokes of serendipity I was recycled back to where I had started from Ancient Persia.", she recalls.  She renamed her findings for the first time Persian Wellness Wisdom and during Pandemic, she introduced The Hum+n Well-Being Project on instagram with her inspiring educational contents in 2021. She envisions integration of ancient and modern wholistic health references, unifying science, adding her 'whimsical' artsy-poetic creativeness; in order to 'find remedies' by engagement as a resource.  Dr. Mahtab has pioneered Persian Lifestyle Medicine and Persian Food as Medicine, as in her view , Persian resources encourage complex physiological intelligences to regenerate from simplicity of daily healing happy rituals that are conscious and intentional and slowly processed like a chemical reaction. The Persian uniqueness, unlike other resources differentiates in allowing a Heart-Mind-Body Lifestyle-Rx within a Hum+nistic Lifeitude; not just mind-body or spirits; that perhaps has been misrepresented and still under-recognized due to politics and gender.
"I owe this ever evolving and exploring work as a souvenir bringing from east to west for my children and for a peaceful global unprejudiced world."


Book a Call- to- Donate is a great way to donate to IY Foundation causes and in return reboot your health. IY remodels a humanitarian business from ancient practices of fair trade with reciprocity. Meet  with Dr. Mahtab to consult on your overall health management, create a Pharmaceutical Care to minimize your medication use or have a coaching session on implementing Persian Lifestyle Medicine in your life. Proceeds will benefit the foundation causes. For any other opportunities to exchange collaborations or service to donation please contact us.








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