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The Intrigue Yellow® Foundation is a Chicago based, non-political, non-religious and non-spiritual 501(3)(c) tax-deductible, global, nonprofit, U.S.A registered trademark foundation. This innovative foundation is volunteer-based, independent, and small business supportive organization . IY vision is to cultivate creativities of under recognized global women in arts and sciences via designing unique initiatives. Each initiative is a purposeful project, which inspire and educate new perspectives in improving hum+n lifestyle. 


To live a contemporary enlightened life, IY invites all to partake in altruistic projects that expand perspectives. Through its nonprofit entity for Women Empowerment Initiatives and beyond, The Intrigue Yellow Foundation® inspires you to find your higher purpose as a wiser Hum+n. 
Redefine the best version of you.
Join the IY campaigns and catalysts.


Pandemic Portfolio:

IY seeks remedies for building resilience and hope by forming a shop to donate gallery in order to support women owned independent artists and small businesses. In addition IY leaves a smile on community seniors by donating to local nursing homes. The Wellbeing project formed to promote food as medicine. 


Creative Concept Formation & Launch:

IY formed in May 23, 2019 in Chicago with endorsements, sponsorships and collaboration of locals cultural and finest philanthropy enthusiasts. IY helped Notre dame disaster and donated a book to The art Institute of chicago.


Ukrainian Fundraising...
On earth day  IY assembles a virtual event to tribute to the victims of modern wars and brings awareness to music as a remedy toward peace.' The Human Wellbeing Project was formed to promote health investigating ancient Persia resources. Collaborated with Maple and Ash the two Michelin restaurant to support women of Iran for freedom and created NooshDaroo, the elixir or vitality. Fundraised for helping projects in Iran.


Started Chicago Gives Chic-A-Go
This campaign presents global fashionistas who are under recognized due to gender or politics. Fashion at IY is not limited to dress to impress, but productions of wearable arts that serve a purpose or tell a stories, make a cultural statement or serve humanity or earth. We open with Women of Iran , the Fashionista, Leyla Kashani. 

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