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The Intrigue Yellow® Foundation

The Intrigue Yellow® Foundation is a non-political, non-spiritual 501(3)(c), globally inclined nonprofit, U.S.A Registered Trademark Foundation, and a gender unbiased, volunteer-based, independent, and small business support organization. 

IY thoughtfully studies modern, yet daily life problems around women and finds solutions by crafting unique initiatives and movements, to bring a healthy and harmonized global community together. Platforming to enhance creativities, in the format of projects in Arts and Sciences are used by mentorships and fund-raised scholarships, to initiate, integrate and educate sustainable and positively influence intelligence in Humanity.

IY designs -to- elevate lifestyles, fused with altruism for future growth in connections and amplifying marginalized voices, as a soft power and tool for a peaceful world. From a dreamer to a doer is the pattern of a curiously minded, optimistic thinking foundation called Intrigue Yellow®.


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