Intriguers are fun yet passionate intelligences who serve life

Who are 'Intriguers'?

Intrigue Yellow Founder calls the doers of good words, thoughts and deeds,  'Intriguers', because they humbly serve to arouse curiosity and spread a soft message to close gaps and to uplift by helping others grow as well as themselves. Intriguers are a round table of brilliant minded volunteers who also are apprentices of novel thoughts and wisdoms. From Inspirations to Collaborations and from “Silent Generation” to  “Gen Alpha", intriguers honor a borderless multi-cultural dialogue.

From inspirers to mentors

Intrigue Yellow’s philosophy is to acknowledge equality and yet to embrace extra ordinary and diverse curiosities, intelligences & creativities of all human beings as mentorships. 

IY connects with " inspirers"  with a simple signature “Yellow Hello” to co-create projects, campaign and set initiatives that make a difference to humanitarian businesses for generations of  "now" and "next".

From sponsors to scholarships

Intrigue Yellow invites financial sponsors of all forms as donors, investors or joint venturers for profit or not-for-profit and tax deductible ; to work with firm or foundation for a customized initiative or IY’s already established projects . 

Together, trusting to echo “good thoughts- good words and good deeds” is the way to write our own stories with scholarships. 

From collaborators to intriguers

Intriguers don’t just “influence” for SELF promotion, but “arouse the curiosity” and divert to  a source of fascination for SOCIETY. Collaborators are under estimated thought-provoking businesses , entrepreneurs or free lancers who GIVE and SHARE ... they are original and don’t copy or paste... they are the true altruists. Collaborating with IY is based on a "growth mindset"  through initiatives proposed , current or prospectively selected.

Advising Inspirers

Roshi Rahnama

Los Angeles / Art Curator

Lucien Lagrange

Chicago / Architect

Michael Aram

New York / Designer

Hariri and Hariri

New York / Architect

Michael Aram

Raha Didevar

Los Angeles / Clinical Psychologist

Community Collaborators

Niaz Parvaresh

Los Angeles / Photographer

Jila Saberi

Los Angeles / Fashion Designer

Shadi Zafarpour

Spain / Art Teacher

Carol Ysla

Chicago / Art Design

Azadeh Khastoo

Chicago / Photographer

Shahnam Sharareh

Princeton / Pharmacist

Shereen Hariri

Florida / Chocolatier Artist

Fafi Vossoughi 

Chicago / Philanthropist

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